Weight Loss Programs

doctorTotally Fit 4 Life offers a comprehensive weight loss program, utilizing multiple resources and services in order to help our clients attain their personal weight loss goals. In addition to our nutritional and exercise counseling, clients meeting specific criteria will be prescribed the most effective prescription appetite suppressants and injections to insure quick, effective results. These powerful resources aid our client’s weight loss success and reinforce their new healthy habits, making it easier to achieve and maintain their goal weight.

Medical Management
We have a qualified medical staff that will individually evaluate each client and identify specific personal weight loss goals. Our medical staff will asses each client’s medical history and provide education regarding the benefits of weight loss and how it might significantly impact long term health and wellness. Clients meeting specific criteria will be prescribed the most effective medication and supplements to ensure quick, effective results. Each client will be monitored evaluated monthly to ensure effective, healthy results of their individual medication, exercise, and diet program.

working outExercise
We provide simple, easy to follow exercise plans as part of our weight loss programs. Each program is specifically designed to your level of skill and conditioning. As clients conditioning and exercise needs change, our staff will adjust the program to ensure continued weight loss and maximized conditioning benefits. We provide a one hour program that is easy to follow and will ensure quick visible results.

As part of our weight loss programs, our clients will be educated on, and given, the necessary resources to eat correctly, helping to maintain a healthy diet. We encourage life long changes designed to optimize health for life. Our clients are taught how to choose the healthiest protein, carbohydrate, and fat sources, which will prepare them for meals that will effectively increase metabolism.

Mental Health
familyObesity, unfortunately, is not just about overeating and lack of exercise. For many, obesity is genetic, and can be a response to an underlying psychological or social issue. During our weight loss programs, these issues are addressed. As your weight loss goals are met, we hope to allow you yo be who you really want to be!